Tuesday, April 08, 2008


April is a busy month for the Central Florida Plein Air Artists. This past weekend on Saturday, April 5, the Winter Park Historical Association held their annual garden tour. I was very happy to volunteer to work our table at the check-in area. The day started out with typical Florida weather with sunny skies and a slight breeze. Other tables were populated by butterflies, bats and bees. What I mean is that people were there to talk about these little creatures which help pollinate flowers and other plants. People were able release butterflies called “Painted Ladies”. I did not get a chance to visit the bat representative. However, the bee person was there very early like me to get set up for the days event. I did a little painting sketch while working at the table and I gave it to one of the nearby home owners because it was of her back yard. She and her daughter were very happy. Hopefully, I can have the picture online for you to see very soon. They were kind enough to allow me to park my car nearby in their private driveway.

The next and final garden tour before the hot, summer months arrive is on April 20 at Eola Heights in downtown Orlando. They only have this tour every two years so it is very special. Hopefully you can come! If not, I will post a painting of one of the gardens for you to enjoy.