Friday, June 02, 2017

Heron's Perch

At the Sanford Marina I painted a scene en plein air during an outing with the Florida Painters. It's a small 8x10 done on canvas board and is for sale at $50.

Click to see a larger version.
When I first saw the weather-worn pylons I knew I wanted to paint a scene with them. The toughest decision was deciding what to add to the scene. When I first arrived there was a gentleman fishing. So I snapped a picture of him in case he moved away. And he did a few minutes later.

So I finished setting up and started painting. As I was working a couple of Mallard ducks decided to   take a nap under the two trees you see in the painting. So, I took a picture of them thinking to add them later. However, fate intervened.

After I packed up to go eat lunch, I accidentally set the painting face down on my palette. When I peeled it off later, (Yes, I said peeled.) I had three little stark white dots to contend with.  It could have been worse! And I think I ended up with the best option.

I turned the dots into birds.

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