Friday, December 19, 2008

Painting A Square Format

The monthly 3rd Thursday was held last night in downtown Orlando. I was asked to submit up to five pieces measuring 12 inches by 12 inches each. Last night was the first time I saw all three of my paintings together. It’s a series that came together kind of accidentally. (See previous post.) In the image they are a little out of order but it still works. I used a flash on #1 that was actually completed in 2007 and thought that picture would turn out the worst! Usually when you use a flash on a painting it is bad. But this time I wish I’d used it on all three. Nevertheless, I think you can see the final two okay in these quick shots. When I brought the paintings for hanging I was unaware (or forgot) that all pieces had to be priced at $200 US. Normally, I would price each one at $125. However, all three can be bought for $400 as a set. After I upload the high-res versions to ArtWanted next month I think I will have some coffee mugs and mouse pads made of one of these. The square format should suit those products perfectly!! I love painting in a square format. I have some more ideas for horse paintings in that format. Plus, squares always fit together so if you wanted to start a collection I would recommend them because you can fit all sorts of different sizes together, side-by-side or on top of one another on a wall and they they’ll fit like a puzzle. Events: Dec. 1-31 Steinway Piano Gallery in Altamonte Springs, Florida Dec. 18-Jan 14 AKA Lounge "12x12" in Orlando, Florida Feb. 12 HITS Ocala Equine Art Reception, Ocala, Florida
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm Like A Ghost

The end of the year is approaching fast. I finished a series last weekend and delivered the final painting for the 12x12 show at the AKA Lounge in downtown Orlando. The series is of three paintings. They are all done in watercolor but on canvas. Each painting is $200 US or $400 for all three. They have been sprayed with a UV coating to protect the painted image from both water and sunlight. I did the first one for last year’s 12x12 show that was held at the Metro Gallery. Since then I finished #2 of 3 around May 2008. I only have a picture right now of the first painting (#1) in the series. I got the idea for the series when I needed #1 for the Freedom Ride art exhibit fundraiser that was held at the end of May 2008. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a hold of the painting in time so had to paint a second one. I cannot paint the same thing twice (unless I have to) so I decided that from the two reference photos I could do a small series of three paintings. The first one, as you can see, it is of two horses staring out of their horse trailer looking away from the viewer. The second one has one of the horses looking at the viewer while the other one is still looking away. The third one has both horses looking at the viewer. I haven’t seen all three together – ever! Hopefully, Chris Johnson, curator of the AKA show, was able to put them up side-by-side. I requested it but he could not guarantee their placement depending on other paintings in the show, etc. That’s okay with me. I’ll get pictures of them Thursday night to put in this blog. I took two photos on film *years* ago at a dressage workshop. I wasn’t riding so had plenty of time to walk around and take pictures. That’s what I do at horse shows and events. I’m like a ghost. That’s what someone told me one time at a local show. Events: Dec. 1-31 Steinway Piano Gallery Opening in Altamonte Springs, Florida Dec. 18 AKA Lounge "12x12" Opening in Orlando, Florida 6 to 9pm Feb. 12 HITS Ocala Equine Art Reception, Ocala, Florida

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Storm and Me and Fantasy

Here I am with Storm. He is one of Herrmann's Lipizzan stallions. They were at Freedom Ride Saturday and Sunday to do two shows. Unfortunately, the Sunday show had to be cancelled due to bad weather. But they will return on Sunday, December 21 at 2:30 pm! I'll be there!
I took LOTS of pictures for new paintings and drawings. My newest idea is a series of paintings of these beautiful horses in or near their stalls. I have a commission to complete first for a returning customer (Thank you, Angie!) and then I will begin the new year with my new series. They will all be oil paintings on canvas and a minimum of 16x20 inches in size. Although, some might be a square dimension. We'll just have to wait and see!
A new exhibit just popped into my schedule last week. The Central Florida Watercolor Society is having a showing at the Steinway Piano Gallery in Altamonte Springs, Florida. (That's still considered Orlando for those of you from out of town.)
I did a special painting just for the show called "Fantasy". It is *big* -- from memory I think framed it is 25x30 inches. The painting itself is only 18x24. I priced it at $350.00 US for its introductory appearance. This gallery takes no commissions so I am able to offer it at this low price for this first show. Here is a list of my current and upcoming events:
Nov. 20 - Dec. 17 AKA Lounge "Unify"
Dec. 6 Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge, Orlando, Florida 1 to 8pm Plein Air Painting
Dec. 11 Steinway Piano Gallery Opening in Altamonte Springs, Florida 6 to 9pm
Dec. 18 AKA Lounge "12x12" Opening in Orlando, Florida 6 to 9pm
Feb. 12 HITS Ocala Equine Art Reception, Ocala, Florida
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