Monday, December 17, 2007


I missed my plein air group's Christmas Party! Both Saturday and Sunday I was sick. I am upset about missing the party because it is a chance to talk and mingle with my painting friends and make new ones. Plus, it is the one time of year when we wrap a small plein air painting and we each pick a number and at the end of a delightful evening we all go home with a new painting that was done by another member. I have a special wall in my home where the two I have collected so far hang a wall in my bedroom. I have to admit I had pushed myself through the entire previous week while I was unwell. But two of my landscape paintings were opening in the Comma Gallery on Tuesday and I just started two new watercolor paintings the previous Friday night that need to be done by January and the other by February. And that is in addition to holding a regular fulltime job which I could not justify taking off from if I was well enough for the show opening. I struggled through the week on strong decongestants and a spray to numb my throat. Most evenings I managed to relax and spend time with my son, but it wasn't enough. I thought I was feeling better by Friday so I went out to the movies to see I Am Legend (Excellent!) and Saturday morning I had to go out to a friend's barn to photograph and measure her tack box. She wants me to paint her horse, Tucker, on the front with a saddle and rider. Then I ran two errands and got home before noon. I was feeling a bit weak but assumed I was hungry. So I made a sandwich and thought I'd feel better. Well, I didn't. I won't bore you with the details, but I thought I was getting worse as every breath burned in my sinuses and throat. I finally relented and took an aspirin then lay down in bed and pretty much did not get up again until Sunday afternoon -- *after* the Christmas party had already started. I got NO painting or sketching done. My body had finally found a chance for me to rest and it said REST. I had no other choice in the matter. People should not have to be pushed so hard to do the right thing. I needed rest but thought I was tough enough to keep going. There were things that needed to be done that no one else could do – or so it seemed at the time. My laundry still sits in the bathroom waiting to be done, but it's not going anywhere and it will still be there tomorrow night or Wednesday night – just more of it! (Yes, I am busy tonight and might be Tuesday, too, if I have a student for my painting class.) The dishes got done on Sunday but afterwards I crashed into bed again for several hours. The floor needs vacuuming and there is always dusting to do, but it'll all still be there tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. In today's world where everyone is expected to be the perfect housekeeper or the perfect mom or dad we must each remember to pick our battles and do what is important rather than what is urgent.

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