Friday, November 21, 2008

3rd Thursday for November 2008

The Unity show is officially open now at the AKA in downtown Orlando. I've inserted two pictures of my drawings that are on the wall. Sorry they are cockeyed (crooked). They are on a well-lit wall but set high up around another painting done by the feature artist, Bob Gardner. I enjoyed meeting him last night and talking about art and life in general along with Sandra Monday, another local artist.
Next weekend Herrmann's Lipizzans will be doing two shows at Freedom Ride here in Orlando. I have tickets for both days and plan to "hang out" all day both days at the barn. Last year I got a lot of great reference photos of this beautiful breed. One has already been made into a painting. (See blog post below "Things Happening" -- which should have been titled "Things are Happening" but I was in a hurry and don't feel like fixing it now!)
TITLE: Dog Unity - Dogs are happy to work with humans or together. But when humans aren't around, enterprising hounds enjoy a good challenge!
TITLE: Principle of Cooperation - Bears can climb a tree, but this mom is teaching her cubs something more important - how to cooperate and work as a team. Even if it does mean a bit of a headache!
TITLE: Unity - Cat Stile - Cats use the staring technique to achieve goals. By combining their fixed gazes they will succeed - when a human eventually arrives to assist. Each watercolor drawing is approximately 11x14 framed for $125 US.
Upcoming Events:
Nov. 20 AKA Lounge "Unify" Opening in Orlando, Florida. The show is there until Dec. 17, 2008 Feb. 12 HITS Ocala Equine Art Reception, Ocala, Florida
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