Friday, December 19, 2008

Painting A Square Format

The monthly 3rd Thursday was held last night in downtown Orlando. I was asked to submit up to five pieces measuring 12 inches by 12 inches each. Last night was the first time I saw all three of my paintings together. It’s a series that came together kind of accidentally. (See previous post.) In the image they are a little out of order but it still works. I used a flash on #1 that was actually completed in 2007 and thought that picture would turn out the worst! Usually when you use a flash on a painting it is bad. But this time I wish I’d used it on all three. Nevertheless, I think you can see the final two okay in these quick shots. When I brought the paintings for hanging I was unaware (or forgot) that all pieces had to be priced at $200 US. Normally, I would price each one at $125. However, all three can be bought for $400 as a set. After I upload the high-res versions to ArtWanted next month I think I will have some coffee mugs and mouse pads made of one of these. The square format should suit those products perfectly!! I love painting in a square format. I have some more ideas for horse paintings in that format. Plus, squares always fit together so if you wanted to start a collection I would recommend them because you can fit all sorts of different sizes together, side-by-side or on top of one another on a wall and they they’ll fit like a puzzle. Events: Dec. 1-31 Steinway Piano Gallery in Altamonte Springs, Florida Dec. 18-Jan 14 AKA Lounge "12x12" in Orlando, Florida Feb. 12 HITS Ocala Equine Art Reception, Ocala, Florida
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Unknown said...

Square isn't square, it's HIP! Great design solutions on those horse heads!