Friday, July 31, 2009

Beach of Dreams

I have a great friend who LOVES Hawaii. He has been there several times and is going again very soon to vacation for two weeks. During each visit he is great at taking lots and lots of photos. I used one as a reference in a painting workshop. It is not an exact representation of everything in the photo. I added some people and simplified the background. I also didn't put in all the trees that were in the photo and moved some around to make interesting shadows. It is an acrylic on 8x10 canvas framed for $125.00.
Several people have asked me why I don't have prints for sale of my work. But I do! For example, most people ask about prints of my pencil drawing "2 Horses of Rothenberg". I joined a website where anyone can order prints, posters or even t-shirts with the image. The item is mailed directly to the customer making it easy for both my clients and myself as I do not have to maintain an inventory of prints. The page lists the photographic prints first but if you scroll down you can see the options for prints on canvas or chromalux. I have not yet ordered any items for my own use. Although I'd love to get a t-shirt with my drawing on it! However, from samples I've received the quality is very, very good.
I have received advice from many friends and clients asking about giclees, but I don't do them. The reason is they are expensive both to produce and to purchase and my prices would definitely have to go up. If I thought many, many people would buy all my paintings or even some of them as giclees I would be more than happy to work with a local professional printer to produce them. But at this time it just isn't worth the cost to me. However, if anyone is interested, just let me know and I'll price it out for you.
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