Saturday, July 11, 2009


As promised I am starting to post the paintings in my show! That way if you cannot attend or would like to see them after the show is down (July 24) they are viewable here.
This is "Delicious". I guess I was hungry when I titled it. Along with two others that are in this series! Wait until you see those titles. This little painting is an acrylic on 12 x 12 inch canvas. Inspired by one of Herrmann's Lippizans. The cost is $125 USD.
My solo show is tomorrow! I am so tired after getting back from vacation but I am also excited and can't wait to see my friends and family that will be able to attend. The food is purchased and in the morning I'll be cooking up the sloppy joes and little hot dogs wrapped in croissants. I got sweet tea and both pink and regular lemonade. I hope I don't forget to pack the ice cream in the cooler as it is the only frozen item I am taking. My mom is making the potato salad as we speak. It is a two day process!!
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