Friday, January 11, 2008


I am falling into the habit of only adding three new works to my gallery at a time. This seems to be a good amount of work to talk about briefly in a blog without boring anyone to death. When I am out with my camera it is usually just used for taking reference pictures for future projects. However, once in awhile, there is a gem. Because the pictures were not taken for the sole purpose of selling them as prints, I did not use the best digital format (RAW) so the largest print one can purchase is usually only around 11x14 inches. But I hope you enjoy them anyway and if you *really* like them please take a moment and consider purchasing a small version for less than $1.95 USD. This is a steal for most overseas collectors when one considers the exchange rate in today's market. These photos including "Windmill With Storm Cloud" were taken during a trip to Ukraine to visit my brother. They have an open air museum called the Pirogovo. It is located about 30 minutes outside of the capital city of Kiev. Except for the first day I was there it rained every day. Fortunately, this made for very unique and interesting skies. "Windmill With UFO" is interesting because I have absolutely no clue what the little blur is behind the windmill on the left. I thought of fixing the picture in Photoshop but I do not like to mess with the photos very much and decided to leave it. I cannot explain the blur. I think it is just a bug. But who knows? "Windmill In A Field of Yellow Flowers" turned out beautifully with purply-looking clouds. I think this is an illusion because the flowers are such a bright yellow. I know the colors are correct because there is just a bit of blue sky showing behind the clouds in the upper right corner. You can see my entire blog here. If you need to email me directly, please click here.


Anonymous said...

Ukraine is a beautiful country. You took great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Karen