Friday, January 04, 2008


Finally, I have started uploading the larger files so I can offer small to large prints of my work as well as some on canvas! Also, and this is great: You can order my artwork on products such as coffee mugs, mouse pads, coasters, t-shirts, etc. That is so cool! This year I will be ordering some of my own stuff to wear during paint outs and maybe even some gallery openings! I have started by offering prints of horse artwork that has been sold so the original is no longer available. These images have been on Art Wanted for a couple of months but unavailable as prints – until now! If you have any questions about the artwork please contact me. For questions about ordering prints please first try Art Wanted directly as they are located in Iowa and I am in Florida. Here are some introductions to other prints I can now offer for sale: The painting "Dionisio" was named after a wonderful guy at a Walmart somewhere between Orlando and Leesburg on Highway 441. One rainy, windy morning I was on my way to the Leesburg Center for the Arts Back At The Ranch paintout event when I stopped to get some gas. As I walked back to my car I saw that one of the rear tires was half flat! OMG! It’s only 7am in the morning! What could be open where I could get immediate assistance? Some people told me that just up the road there is a Walmart. I race up there (so to speak) and pull in. I pulled in rather close and not in the line. But I explained that I didn’t know how long my tire would hold up and I wanted to get as close to the service area as possible. A man named Dionisio helped me and did not charge me anything to plug the hole in my tire. I gave him $5 anyway and went on my merry way to the paintout. So this painting is named after him. "Serenity" is named thus because I love the serene look that I captured on this horse’s face as he stood in his stall at the Disney’s Grand Cypress Equestrian Center during a horse show there a couple of years ago. His face says it all. This highly detailed drawing has been very popular as a print. It is titled "2 Horses of Rothenburg" because it is done from a photo I took while in Germany. The original 16x20 is very high-priced due to the amount of time and skill involved in its creation and the framing was done by a frameshop (not just me in my studio). I must confess that pencil in black and white is my favorite medium. This drawing was much fun to do and I enjoy sharing it with other people! You can see my entire blog here. If you need to email me directly, please click here.

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